MintVine: Money 4 Mommy’s


Looking for another survey website that actually pays?  Try MintVine!  I have tried so many different sites all with different outcomes.  Some sites you will earn a little over a long period of time.  But if you want a site that pays in real time instagc is the site for that.  Now MintVine is 2nd favorite so far.  I have found it is fairly easy to complete the surveys and if you check your email at least twice a day you will find a daily survey just for you. These usually pay over $1 so they are worth checking out.  There are tips and tricks to making money.  You must have fresh emails often and clear those cookies.  Almost any survey site you will find has a helpful tips/hints.  It really helps to read them before you try any offer.  Please let me know if you sign up and how these sites work for you.  Follow this link to MintVine!

About emhook81

Hello all! My name is Margaret but I go by Margo. I am engaged to a wonderful man & a mom to 3 beautiful children on earth & an angel in heaven. Like most parents these days I find myself stressing about how to survive in this dog eat dog world. I am a stay at home mom just searching & finding ways to help sustain my family's needs. I hope that with my help you may find a little more freedom to make some extra money to help you too. I will also be sharing family ideas, recipes, have general articles to read & anything else I feel like sharing. Please help me grow & see where my new adventure will take me!

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